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  • Approvals up to $60,000

Never compromise your healthcare treatments.

When it comes to prioritizing your health and well-being, costs should never stand in the way. Whether you need to cover medical expenses, undergo a procedure, or seek specialized care, finding affordable options is essential. At PowerPay, our goal is to provide fair and accessible healthcare financing solutions to individuals like you who deserve the best care.

Healthcare Loan Options and Benefits

We understand the importance of having a healthy and secure future for you and your loved ones. By offering flexible financing plans, we can transform the financial burden of healthcare into manageable, fixed monthly payments. With PowerPay’s healthcare loans, you can access the treatments and services you need now and comfortably pay them off over time.

Our healthcare loans are designed to offer competitive rates, extended terms, and hassle-free application processes. We prioritize your privacy and ensure that our credit checks have minimal impact on your credit score. With no prepayment penalties or credit card requirements, PowerPay makes it convenient for you to access a wide range of healthcare options.

At PowerPay, we believe in simplifying and expediting the financing process. Our quick application and instant approval allow you to focus on what matters most: your health. Don’t let financial constraints limit your access to the healthcare you deserve. Take the first step towards transforming your health and well-being by turning your healthcare dreams into a reality with PowerPay.

Elective Healthcare Services That We Finance

Why Patients Prefer Financing Healthcare with PowerPay

If your insurance doesn’t cover the cost of your procedure or if you have limited insurance coverage, accessing healthcare financing for elective procedures becomes crucial. Many individuals turn to specialized third-party lenders like PowerPay to bridge the financial gap and make the necessary care more affordable.

At PowerPay, we prioritize efficiency and convenience for both consumers and healthcare providers.

Some key highlights of our financing process include:

  • Soft credit pulls, so there’s no impact on your credit score.
  • Ability to add a co-applicant to a loan.
  • No prepayment penalties or deferred interest, so you can pay off your loan at any time without penalty.
  • Low APRs and flexible repayment terms to help you pay your loans off affordably over time.
  • Excellent customer service available to help you through every step of the process.

Applying for healthcare financing with PowerPay is quick and easy. 

  1. Apply Online, In-Person, or Through Your Doctor: Choose the most convenient way to apply for your loan, including a personalized link through your trusted provider.
  2. Provide Basic Information and Documentation: Fill out an application form and provide basic personal information, including your treatment plan and a copy of your driver’s license for verification purposes.
  3. Sign Loan Documents: Once your application is approved, you’ll receive loan documents to review and sign electronically.
  4. Funding Your Procedure: After signing the loan documents, your doctor will receive the funds necessary to cover the cost of your procedure, ensuring a seamless experience without any delays or complications.
  5. Begin Making Payments: Within 30 days of receiving your dental procedure, you’ll start making affordable monthly payments to PowerPay. Our flexible payment options make it convenient to manage your financial obligations.

At PowerPay, we strive to provide a hassle-free financing process, empowering you to prioritize your health.


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up to 84-month terms, rates from 9.99%, and max loans of $60,000

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instant decisions, electronic docs, quick and easy loan process

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pay off part or all of your loan at any time with NO penalty fees

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Healthcare Financing FAQs

What is an elective procedure?

An elective procedure is a non-medically necessary medical procedure chosen for cosmetic or personal reasons. They include plastic and aesthetic surgery, MedSpa treatments, dentistry, vision correction, fertility treatments, and more. The cost of elective procedures can vary widely.

Does insurance cover elective procedures?

Insurance generally does not cover elective procedures as they are not considered medically necessary. Insurance coverage is typically provided for procedures aimed at treating specific medical conditions or improving health. However, there may be exceptions to this rule.

What is the typical cost of an elective procedure?

The cost of elective procedures in healthcare can significantly vary based on several factors. Factors such as the geographical location where the treatment is obtained can influence the procedure’s cost. Furthermore, the choice of healthcare provider can also affect the overall expense.

How do most individuals finance their healthcare costs?

Numerous options exist to assist with healthcare expenses. Some individuals utilize medical savings accounts, flexible spending accounts, or employer-provided or individually purchased insurance.

However, for procedures not covered by insurance, which often involve substantial costs, healthcare expenses are commonly paid in cash or financed. While various financing options are available, unsecured loans are typically the quickest, easiest, and most convenient choice. These loans generally offer lower interest rates compared to credit cards. Opting for an unsecured loan that allows for free prepayments enables you to repay the loan without any fees whenever you have the funds available.

When is my first payment due?

Your initial payment will be due around 30 days following the completion of your loan documents. Once you have applied and received approval, our dedicated concierge team will be in touch to assist you throughout the process. They are available to address any inquiries you may have and can provide guidance on setting up automated payments. Alternatively, you can visit our payment center for further assistance here 

We accept Debit Card, ACH (checking account) and checks.

Mobile Payments:  To make payments or set up automated payments download the PowerPay app for your iPhone or Android device using the following links: Apple / Google /

Online:  Click here to set up your online account

Phone : You can call (800) 397-4485 until Midnight EST for assistance with mobile and automated payments.

PowerPay Elective Healthcare Procedure & Treatment Loans FAQ

Visit our borrower FAQ page for answers to top inquiries about PowerPay elective healthcare loans.