Paying it forward
One Loan at a Time.

How it all started.

PowerPay’s founders, Mike Petrakis and David Haas built a fintech company into a national success through a simple, core idea: let consumers make large and expensive purchases through low and affordable monthly payments, allowing them to purchase what they really need and want.

Banks and other finance companies all charge large transaction fees that most merchants pass along to their consumers. Mike, David, and the team examined those transactions and payment models to build a solution and disrupt the system. 

Instead of playing the fee game, PowerPay developed technology to create a solution that wouldn’t just streamline the financing process but would also consider the best interests of all parties – consumers (lower rates), merchants (no fees), and financial partners (reasonable return on investment).

PowerPay was created as an independent, digital lending platform that promises no merchant fee options, no prepayment penalties, and no more unwanted credit cards and the expenses that come with them.

Who We Are

The PowerPay family is just like you. We are made up of mothers, fathers, grandmothers, grandfathers, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, and friends. We share a common goal of building ourselves, our families, our adventures, and our dreams all while improving our lives, and we bring that same goal into work with us each day in an effort to provide that to our consumers as well. 

It’s rare for a financial technology company to put purpose over profits. If you’re wondering why PowerPay does it, the answer is simple… because it’s the right thing to do.

Our Family is Growing

PowerPay launched in January of 2020 with 10 employees. Today, we are over 180 employees and our family continues to grow. As an employer of a large in-office and remote workforce, we strive to stay connected with everyone on our team. Each and every one of our employees is critical to our success. It’s a company built on collaboration, communication, and teamwork. We now offer industry leading consumer loans for home improvement, solar and healthcare.  Upward mobility is expected and welcome.  Please consider joining our team if you are looking to learn, have fun, and succeed.  We’re hiring – careers with PowerPay

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PowerPay in Action

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