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PowerPay was built with one major goal in mind: to eliminate fees in the banking industry that have prevented businesses and consumers from using financing to make large purchases more affordable. Banks and other financial institutions charge businesses with expensive and unnecessary fees in order to offer loans to consumers. Those additional costs then get passed along to the consumer, resulting in a larger loan with higher interest rates.

This industry challenge is what led to our mission of offering fair and affordable loans to consumers through our network of partners including home improvement contractors, solar dealers, medical practitioners, and recreational vehicle dealers who share the same goal.

We’ve eliminated and reduced fees for our network partners so that they can offer lower rates to their consumers, allowing them to afford larger purchases upfront with low monthly payments. We’ve accomplished this by building technology that reduces the friction within the loan process and lowers our operating costs, which translates into lower rates and longer terms.

Today’s consumer makes buying decisions based on what they can afford, rather than the total cost. For example, a kitchen remodel could cost on average around $25,000. In order to reduce the final price, consumers will settle for inferior products to cut costs. With financing, consumers can purchase the materials and upgrades they really want, adding only a few extra dollars to their monthly payments. Suddenly, their dream kitchen goes from $25,000 to $250 a month, a solution for both the consumer and contractor.

We’ve designed these programs because we realized it’s the right thing to do- offer simple payments for a brighter life. 


6,000+ Businesses in our Network


Helping 30,000+ Consumers Afford Their Wants and Needs


Funded Over $1 Billion in Loans Since 2019


200+ Employees


Writing Loans in All 50 States

PowerPay Lending Verticals


Home Improvement

Connecting homeowners and contractors to facilitate loans of up to $100,000



A doctor and patient-centric lending platform for elective healthcare procedures of up to $35,000


Recreational Vehicles

Attractive recreational vehicle programs with instant approvals on everything from jetskis to mobile homes up to $100,000



Solar and battery dealers and homeowners have access to loans for projects up to $100,000

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