Receive up to a $100,000 home improvement loan with no hidden contractor fees, credit cards or prepayment penalties. Pay It Forward with PowerPay.

A lending platform built to save you money.

PowerPay is a digital lending platform that offers home improvement financing for contractors, their customers and everyday consumers. Our fully automated technology offers instant approvals on home improvement loans up to $100,000, helping homeowners and their contractors translate expensive home improvement projects into low monthly payments that can be paid over time. Unlike other digital loan platforms, PowerPay is a fully independent company that is committed to delivering loans with no hidden contractor fees, credit cards or prepayment penalties in order to offer the lowest monthly payment possible. After all, the more affordable the loan, the bigger the possibilities for the home.

Disrupting the home improvement lending industry for you.

PowerPay is a disrupter.  The first to market a “no dealer fee” model, we are releasing the next wave of innovation with the goal of reducing the costs for dealers and consumers.  Our programs start at 4.99% with terms up to 15 years, no fee loan options for 600+ FICO scores, staged funding, buy downs options, and new equal pay and 12 and 24 month promotions.  Our 12 and 24 month promotions offer no down payments, no payments, no interest and no outrageous interest rates at the end of the promotion.  PowerPay is now your first look and second look lender.  A one stop shop for all your consumer lending needs.


Get a simple and secure instant online approval for up to $100,000 in just seconds.


Take an expensive project and make it into a low, affordable monthly payment.


No contractor fees, credit cards or prepayment fees. Why? Because it’s the right thing to do.

Our Goal:
To save our customers millions by transforming the home improvement lending industry.

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