Kitchen Financing for Contractors

Offer home improvement loans to customers with no hidden contractor fees or credit cards.

No hidden contractor fees or credit cards
Instant approvals up to $100,000
Payment direct into your bank account via ACH
Close more bids and save you and your customers money

Open Up Countless Kitchen Renovation Possibilities with Financing

Kitchen renovations rival bathroom remodeling as the most popular American home improvement. Many things contribute to the success of your kitchen remodeling business – the skill and quality of your work, your knowledge of the latest kitchen trends – but having great financing is crucial to selling your services, too. Setting up contact with a home improvement financing company offers some big advantages compared to just leaving your clients on their own.

Close More Sales

Eliminate paying fees to banks and finance companies

Seamless Funding

Close more sales by focusing on low monthly payments

Sell More

No more compromising on price – upsell the project your customer really wants.

The Benefits of Modern Kitchen Contractor Loans

The number of people hankering for kitchen renovations is far bigger than the number who can afford one. Offering projects in the form of a low monthly payment via attractive APRs of 8.99% and loans that spread payments out over a period of up to 15 years gives you a huge advantage in winning new customers.

Financing is Needed for Even Minor Do-Overs

Kitchen remodeling is one of the pricier home improvements, with the average cost of overhauling this room ranging from $20,000 to well over $100,000. A modest upgrade involving refacing cabinets rather than tearing them out, painting the walls, replacing the sink and faucet with a new setup, and laying down new flooring and countertops averages about $21,000. Adding in partially customized cabinetry, an island, higher quality sink and appliances, and custom lighting can easily raise that cost to $62,000. Granite countertops, custom cabinets, designer fixtures and lighting, can push costs even higher. Due to the high expense, readily-available financing lets customers access the home they always dreamed of, instead of making compromises.

Partial Remodeling is Still Profitable

Even if a client only wants certain parts of their kitchen renovated, the cost is still high enough to easily justify financing. Refinishing cabinets, for example, can cost between $1,500 and $4,000, while refacing them makes that jump $4,000 to $10,000. Similarly, replacing appliances alone can cost anywhere from $3,000 for store-bought pieces to $12,000 and up if the client wants quality appliances built-in as a custom feature. Any job over $3,500 can be readily financed to easily seal the deal.

Opening Up Countertop Possibilities

Supported by a convenient, cooperative, turnkey financing source, you and your clients can choose from a full range of options for kitchen countertops. Backed by a quality loan source, customers can focus on the pros and cons of various countertop materials without worrying as much about price. Bamboo is eco-friendly and gives a homey, warm appearance, but can be easily scratched or cut. Granite, the classic choice, is tough and attractive, though its edges can chip. Recycled glass looks very distinctive and withstands heat or scratches, but can stain or chip. Backed by financing, you and your clients are free to work out the best material for their needs and aesthetic sense.

Home Improvement Services

Interior Remodeling Loans

Interior renovation and remodeling for new rooms and additions for anything inside your home.

Flooring Loans

Upgrade your floor with tile, hardwood, natural stone, porcelain, etc. includes material and installation.

Electrical Loans

From repairs to the entire home rewiring inside and outside.

Foundation Waterproofing Loans

Interior and Exterior waterproofing and foundation repairs – french drains, sump pumps and more.

Whole House Generator Loans

Loans for whole home generators from Generac, Cummins, Briggs & Stratton, Kohler and more.

Gutter Loans

Gutter replacement and gutter cover systems.

Attic Insulation Loans

Attic Insulation or wall insulation for any energy efficiency project.

Interior Remodeling & Addition Loans

Renovate or remodel rooms in your home or build an addition.

Lighting Loans

Exterior and Interior lighting including security and smart homes.

Paint & Wall Covering Loans

Interior and Exterior painting and wall coverings.

Sheds, Barns & Structures

Sheds, Barns and Structures affixed to the property.

Security & Home Automation Loans

Security and Home Automation includes audio and video, smart home, automated blinds, thermostats and more.

Sunroom & Patio Enclosure Loans

Sunrooms, Patio Enclosures, She Sheds, ADU’s and more.

Water Treatment Loans

Water filtration and water treatments.

Kitchen Renovation Contractor FAQ

How Does Custom Cabinetry Affect Remodeling Price?

Custom cabinets offer massive benefits in both convenience and unique appearance to homeowners, but are some of the most complex and expensive parts of a kitchen renovation, with costs varying depending on materials used. Custom design, millwork, fitting, and finishing are high- skill, time-consuming facets of a cabinetry upgrade. The preferred material – some type of high quality laminate or plywood – costs $500 to $1,200 per linear foot. Steel or steel-and-glass cabinets cost $1,000 to $1,600 per linear foot with the average American kitchen containing 25 linear feet of cabinets.

Good turnkey financing helps to cover the expense of custom cabinetry, even in larger than average kitchens.

What are Typical Demolition Costs?

Complete demolition can add anywhere from $350 to $1,500 to the price of a kitchen renovation, depending on your labor and disposal costs. The most difficult and costly removals are cabinets, flooring and appliances, assuming that large appliances such as refrigerators are involved.

Quality financing, with flexible amounts and good terms available, ensures that it isn’t necessary to skimp elsewhere due to the costs of demolition before the main project starts.

What are the Prices of New Kitchen Flooring?

The price of new kitchen flooring is dependent on the various materials used in the process.

Waterproof materials are recommended for kitchen floors given their use for cooking. Older houses may require the removal of improperly waterproofed subflooring, too.

Linoleum and vinyl floors are among the least costly at $3 to $5 per square foot, while ceramic pushes the price up to $8 to $13 per square foot, slate $9 to $17, and marble or travertine $12 to $21. Sealed and waterproofed wood floors are at the high end, with bamboo the cheapest, laminate a mid-price choice, and hardwood equaling stone flooring in cost.

PowerPay FAQ

What’s considered a home improvement?

Any equipment, service, installation costs, or other project related to home improvement qualifies for financing. The following is a partial list of what PowerPay finances: HVAC equipment & installation, attic insulation, stone veneer, windows, siding, roofing, kitchen remodels, bathroom remodels, cabinets, carpet, deck & patio, doors, fireplaces, garage doors, smart home equipment & installation, hardwood flooring, paint & wall coverings, hardscaping, landscaping, siding & exteriors, tile, stone & countertops, air conditioning & heating, gutters, spa & pool, home additions, deck building, tile installation, basement remodeling, custom cabinets, fence installation, lighting installation, garage building, cabinet installation, backsplash installation, electrical and plumbing and appliances.

What Loan Products does PowerPay offer?

Base Program
  • No Dealer Fee Options
  • Rates start as low as 8.99%
  • staged funding available*
  • terms options are 5, 10 or 15 years (lowest monthly payment)
  • no prepayment penalties
  • no credit cards
Promotional Program
  • Up to 18 Months NO payments NO accrued interest (12-month or 18-month options)
  • Deferral Period begins at the completion of construction
  • 15 Year Product
  • NO Balloon Payment: at the end of the deferral period your customer just begins making their low monthly payment with rates as low as 8.99%
  • NO Credit Card

Why should I offer financing?

50% of all home improvement investments over $5,000 are financed. Additionally, over 30% of all homeowners research financing options before making a home improvement purchase. Offering financing enables you to close more sales and earn more money on every job. By translating a large, expensive home improvement into a low monthly payment, you’re less likely to lose sales because of pricing, and you’re less likely to see customers haggling with you over costs. Quite simply, offering financing can help you to grow your business.

Why do dealers and contractors choose PowerPay?

We were founded by a home improvement professional who knows firsthand the power of financing, as well as the damage fees can do to your bottom line and your customers’ pocketbooks. The average contractor pays 7.5% in fees on every financed home improvement project. That’s why we have no hidden contractors fees, credit cards or prepayment penalties.  There are other important benefits for dealers:

  1. Longest Terms:  PowerPay also offers the longest payment options – up to 15 years.
  2. Lowest Rate: rates start as low as 8.99%.
  3. Maximum Loan: we can offer up to $100,000 loans with staged funding for qualified contractors.
  4. Higher Approval Rates: tired of declines?  PowerPay has the highest approval rate in the industry.
  5. Fast and Direct Payments:  we wired funds fast direct to via ACH to your bank account.
  6. New Programs:  we are adding new programs to help you convert more customers, StipPay, APR Enhancement and more!

How do customers pay me and what’s my risk?

Customers don’t pay you. PowerPay will direct deposit funds into your account via ACH within 48-hours after the install. You keep 100% of the funds, and your payment is guaranteed when you complete the project. It’s simple, fast and easy. No more collection calls and chasing clients for payments.

How does PowerPay work?

By using PowerPay, you are giving your customers options to pay for home improvements with financing.  Your customer will apply online using our online application form and a decision is generated in seconds.  Once approved, you can complete the transaction with your customer from our easy-to-use portal.  Electronic documents will be sent via email and your customer can sign electronically – we are fully paperless.  Your customer won’t get any bills for a month or so after installation.  You will get paid by PowerPay in full after the installation is complete.

How do I offer PowerPay to my customers?

There are a number of ways to offer PowerPay to your customers:

First, your clients can apply at
Second, we can supply you with a link or button for you to add on your website.
Third, customers can apply by contacting our call center and using your dealer/contractor ID.
Finally, your salespeople can provide a link to apply or use a tablet with our application form during in-person visits.

Who is the lender?

While other finance companies serve as “middlemen” and take fees from you for allowing you to offer financing to your customers, PowerPay does not act as a middleman or lead generator. That’s why we are able to not charge any fees.  We have funding commitments for $15 billion.  Every borrower is approved through our systems and all loans are processed through our system. That means that we control the rate and loan term, and service every loan.

How complicated and time consuming is set up?

With PowerPay, enrollment is through a simple form that takes 2 minutes.  After that, our team will train and onboard you or your salespeople at no cost at a time that’s convenient for you.  Our process is so simple that training takes less than 30 minutes.  We can have you up and running and writing loans in one day.

Promotional Programs - the difference between PowerPay and other banks

There are several types of promotional loans. PowerPay offers two types.  Same as Cash and 12 months and 18 months no payment promotions.  First, PowerPay promotional loans are not credit cards.  They are unsecured personal installment loans.  The main difference between a credit card loan and PowerPay promotion is the interest rate once the promotion is over.  In most credit card “teaser” promotions that rate, once the promotion ends, will be in excess of 29%.  Our loans, once the promotion ends will be approximately 12.99% for 10 years with no prepayment penalties so customers can pay off whenever they like.  We don’t like the credit card promotions because the fees are excessive and we’ve seen too many people get hit with accelerated payments and massive fees.  It’s just unfair and most contractors don’t seem to care what the customer pays after they’ve completed their job.

With uncertainty in the economy and financial markets we believe that if a customer wants to use the promotion and then pay it over time, it should be at a fair and reasonable rate.  Most contractors and dealers offer “teaser” promotions as a marketing tool but at the end of the day, only consumers will above-average credit qualify.  PowerPay offers promotions for customers at many credit levels.

Our same as cash promotions essentially allow the customer to make a purchase and pay off the loan in equal monthly installments similar to how you purchase an iPhone.  These programs are offered with the lowest fees in the industry.  Ask your sales rep for more information.

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