When you’re pitching with your sales presentation to a customer, you need to be prepared to answer any and every question they have. And the biggest question on their mind is almost always, “How much is this going to cost me?” Some customers aren’t afraid to ask, while others rely on your ability to bring it up in the conversation naturally. That’s why you need a seamless way to incorporate financing options into your presentation, and Ingage has just the solution. Here are three reasons you should add financing options to your in-home sales pitch with Ingage. 


1 – Transparency Can Improve Customer Satisfaction


Whether the project is an entire remodel or just one high-cost fix, money will always be top of mind for the customer. And while you undoubtedly try to provide the best price for them, there are still big-ticket items that they’ll have to pay for. A great way to present the benefit of financing is to compare the cash price versus the monthly payment. A kitchen remodel could cost $20,000 upfront but if you choose to use financing, that same kitchen could cost as low as $200 a month. When you include trusted financing options right in your sales pitch, homeowners feel more at ease with the pricing you just reviewed. They’re also often grateful that you have already done the work and found a reliable financing partner for them to work with. This extra step improves overall customer satisfaction and helps you sell more. Consider using interactive buttons on the Ingage platform to provide in-depth information about financing options while maintaining the flow of the presentation. 


2 – Increase Job Size and Revenue

We’ve all been there: you’re sitting with a customer, showing them their dream kitchen, but when they start asking about pricing, they decide they only want to make small updates. Although you’re more than happy to work within their budget, you also know that secure financing options could help them extend that budget to make their dreams a reality. Sharing financing options side-by-side with pricing helps customers understand they can get the remodel they really want and makes them more likely to increase the job size (and your revenue). Using the annotation tool for iPad on Ingage, you can mark up the pricing or financing page to crunch the numbers in real time and make a bigger sale. 


3 – Guaranteed Payment

One of the most nerve wracking aspects of working in the home improvement industry is knowing that sometimes, you may complete a job and not get paid for it. Despite all of the contracts you make with customers to ensure payment, sometimes, it just doesn’t happen. When you use a financing partner to secure payment, you’re able to quickly remove that stress and will always get paid for the work you do. With the Open Presentation button on Ingage, you’re able to move to your financing partner’s presentation with just a click of a button. This seamless process makes it easy to share the details of the financing option without having to wait for a new presentation to load or searching for it on your iPad. 

Including financing options during the sales presentation with customers can make it easier for you to get your job done. By using interactive presentation software like Ingage, you can make the pitch for financing options a seamless process. Don’t miss out on your chance to wow customers and increase revenue with PowerPay and Ingage. Contact Ingage today to learn how to get started.