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Recreational Vehicle Financing

A sense of adventure for the outdoors and open road is why PowerPay offers loans for recreational vehicles. It’s our passion to help our clients improve their lives by converting a large upfront investment into low and affordable monthly payments. Recreational vehicles include golf carts, side by sides, jet skis, motorboats, watercraft, mobile homes, class A, B & C motorhomes, 5th wheels, travel trailers, pop-ups, truck campers, horse trailers, fish houses, boats, compact tractors and more!  With a PowerPay RV loan, your adventures don’t have to be put on hold any longer. We make the process of financing your vehicle both fast and easy with soft credit pulls, low rates, long terms, no prepayment penalties, and no credit cards. With a 2-minute application and instant approval, it’s never been easier to start your next adventure.

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up to 120-month terms, rates from 8.99%, and max loan of $100,000

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instant approvals, electronic docs, quick and easy loan process

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pay off part or all of your loan at any time with NO penalty fees

Our Most Popular RV Loans

ATV Loans

ATV loans for Can-Am, Honda, Kawasaki, Polaris, Suzuki, Yamaha, and Arctic Cat

Golf Cart Loans

Finance any golf cart from Club Car, E-Z-Go, Yamaha, Star EV, American Custom Golf Carts, Polaris GEM, Garia, Tomberlin, and more

Jet Ski Loans

Loans for Jet skis from Kawasaki (Jetski), Bombardier (Sea-Doo), Yamaha (WaveRunner), Honda (AquaTrax), Polaris (Sealion) and Arctic Cat (Tigershark)

Mobile Home Loans

Loans for Cappaert, Cavco, Champion, Clayton Homes, Commodore Corp, Deer Valley Homes, Destiny Industries, Eagle River Homes, and more

Motorcylce Loans

Motorcycle loans for BMW, Ducati, Harley-Davidson, Honda, Indian, Kawasaki, KTM, Suzuki, and more

Side by Side Vehicle Loans

Side by side vehicles from Arctic Cat, Polaris, Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Can-Am, CF Moto, Kymco and more

Snowmobile Loans

Snowmobile loans for any Arctic Cat, Polaris, Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Can-Am, CF Moto, Kymco and more

Scooter Loans

Scooter loans for Honda, Vespa, Yamaha, BMW, Genuine, Evolve, Boxx, California, Piaggo, Kawasaki, Aprilla, CF Moto

Personal Watercraft Loans

Loans for Sea-Doo, Gibbs, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Honda, Artic Cat and more

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How it Works

We understand you’re itching for an adventure, which is why we’ve developed a simple and easy loan process so that you’re able to get on the road as soon as possible! First, you need to complete the 2-minute application (this will not affect your credit score). Once you’re approved, you and your dealer will confirm the final cost of your vehicle and sign our electronic loan documents. Once we receive the loan documents, start your engine and take off! Your payments will begin approximately 30 days after your vehicle has been purchased. You can pay online or through our mobile app.

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2-minute application, instant decisions, electronic docs

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With low rates and longer terms, you get the lowest monthly payment.

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RV Financing FAQs

How to finance an RV purchase?

There are a number of different ways to finance an RV purchase. Some people take out a loan from the bank, some use their credit cards, and others take out a personal loan. There are also financing companies that specialize in RV loans. No matter which option you choose, it’s important to do your research and compare interest rates and terms before settling on a lender. Also be sure to read the fine print so you know exactly what you’re agreeing to.

What kind of RV vehicles can be financed?

Many RV vehicles can be financed. Some examples include Class A, Class B, and Class C motorhomes, as well as fifth-wheel trailers, travel trailers and folding camping trailers. If you’re not sure which RV is right for you, consult with a trusted dealer who can help you find the perfect vehicle for your needs.

How to get an RV loan?

You’ll need to fill out an application form, providing your banking information. You have the option of how much money you want to borrow for this purchase, set typically at any dollar amount between $5,000 and the maximum loan amount that has been determined by your lender. Applicants are expected to meet all eligibility requirements prior to filling out any loan applications which vary from one lender or mortgage broker to another but usually include things like credit score, income level and debt levels.

How does RV financing work?

When you finance an RV, the lender will pay the dealer for the RV and you will make monthly payments to the lender. The terms of your loan will depend on a number of factors, including the price of the RV, your credit score, and how long you want to take to pay off the loan. Most lenders allow borrowers to finance up to 100% of an RV’s purchase price. This means that you don’t need to have a large down payment saved up in order to buy one. And many lenders offer low interest rates and flexible repayment terms on RV purchases making the decision to use a loan even more appealing.

How long can you finance an RV?

You can finance an RV for up to 20 years, but the terms and repayment options available will depend on the lender you work with. Some lenders may offer a fixed interest rate, while others may offer a variable interest rate. It’s important to compare rates and terms from different lenders in order to find the best option for your needs. When considering financing an RV, it’s important to remember that the purchase price is not the only cost associated with owning one. There are also ongoing costs such as insurance, registration, and repairs/maintenance that need to be factored in. So be sure you have a realistic idea of what your total costs will be before committing to financing an RV.

Powerpay FAQ

What is PowerPay?

PowerPay is a digital lending platform for the home improvement industry. Our fully automated technology offers near-instant approvals on loans up to $100,000, helping homeowners translate expensive home improvement projects into low monthly fees that can be paid over time.

Unlike other digital lending platforms, PowerPay is a fully independent company that is committed to delivering loans with no extra fees or added costs in order to offer the lowest monthly payment possible to our customers. After all, the more affordable the loan, the bigger the possibilities for your home.

What home improvements can I finance?

Any equipment, service, installation costs or other project related to home improvement qualifies for financing. The following is a partial list of what PowerPay finances: HVAC equipment & installation, attic insulation, stone veneer, windows, siding, roofing, kitchen remodels, bathroom remodels, cabinets, carpet, deck & patio, doors, fireplaces, garage doors, smart home equipment & installation, hardwood flooring, paint & wall coverings, hardscaping, landscaping, siding & exteriors, tile, stone & countertops, air conditioning & heating, gutters, spa & pool, home additions, deck building, tile installation, basement remodeling, custom cabinets, fence installation, lighting installation, garage building, cabinet installation, backsplash installation, electrical and plumbing and appliances.

What contractors can I work with?

Any contractor can provide PowerPay financing.  If your contractor does not offer it, simply ask them to sign up on our dealer enrollment page.  It’s free for the contractor to sign up, takes only a few minutes to set up their account and they can process your loan in less than 48-hours. 

Does using PowerPay impact my credit score?

No.  When you apply for a PowerPay loan it will not affect your credit score.  PowerPay uses what’s known as a soft pull from credit agencies.  A soft inquiry—also called a “soft pull”—allows us to review your credit report and credit score to get a sense of how well you are managing your credit but it will not affect your score.

What equipment do you finance?

We work with all of the major equipment and material manufacturers.

Why should I use PowerPay?

Just like many people finance their car payments, over 50% of all home improvement projects are financed. Financing can be a great payment option when your dream project costs too much money to pay for all at once. Using PowerPay, you can translate that expensive lump sum into a low, affordable monthly payment. The result is the opportunity to stop worrying about what a project costs, and spend more time dreaming about the possibilities for your home.

What makes PowerPay different?

PowerPay is a fully independent company that is committed to delivering loans with no extra fees or added costs in order to offer the lowest monthly payment possible to our customers. After all, the more affordable the loan, the bigger the possibilities for your home.

How do I buy with PowerPay?

It’s easy. You can either work through your participating contractor or contact us directly.  Follow our simple application process. If you pre-qualify, you’ll be shown the monthly cost of the item and can complete the process.

Where do I apply?

You can apply on our website at our online application form. Or, simply work with any participating contractor.

How can I get approved for a loan?

Just fill out the simple online application and receive a decision in seconds. It’s that easy.

Who is eligible to apply for PowerPay?

U.S. residents over the age of 18 (or 19 for Alabama or Nebraska residents) are eligible, provided we can verify your identity.

Can I pay my loan back early?

Yes. You can prepay anytime for all or part of your loan. There is never a penalty for paying early.

What is the application process like?

The application process is fast and easy. You’ll be asked to provide some basic information about yourself. If you qualify, you will receive an email with one or multiple loan options along with a loan limit that may even go beyond the cost of your project. You may opt to borrow more and add things like annual maintenance and monitoring to your loan.
Where applicable, there is a one-time member activation cost for each approved loan. For convenience, that cost can be rolled into the final loan balance. As a PowerPay member, you also get exclusive access to member benefits from our lender, including insurance, monitoring, utility, & entertainment partners. Your contractor will walk you through the details prior to signing. All of the documents are electronic so you can sign everything from your home or office without any paperwork.

How does the financing work?

Fill out our online application and receive an instant approval via secure private email. Next, select the plan you want to choose with your contractor and then receive and sign our secure paperless closing documents. 

Can I obtain a direct loan using PowerPay?

Yes.  PowerPay is available to help to finance a home improvement through participating contractors, but if you do not have a participating contractor, we can help connect you to one in our network. Alternatively, your current contractor can enroll with us and be up and running in less than 48-hours.

Is PowerPay a bank?

No, we are not a bank. We are a digital lending platform designed specifically for the home improvement industry.

Are payments secure?

It is very important to us that your personal information remains secure and encrypted. We install endpoint protection software and/or secure web gateways at all points in our online process. There is a data protection policy in place to help ensure that personal data is kept secure.

How do I make payments?

Once your loan is processed you will receive your loan documents, welcome package, and payment instructions. You can pay with ACH, check, or debit card.

How is the APR (annual percentage rate) determined?

We work with our lender network to look at the credit risk of you as a borrower, and to give you a rate that fits your credit profile. Your financing options are presented to you in clear, simple terms. You are never obligated to accept them. Unlike many platforms that offer credit cards, PowerPay strives to offer lower-risk borrowers with lower rates. The annual percentage rate is the cost of credit as a yearly rate.

Why was I declined for a loan?

Unfortunately, financing options can’t be provided to everyone. If you believe a mistake has been made, please let us know by contacting 800-397-4485. If you are declined, you will receive a notice within 30 days at the email address you provided to us, describing some of the reasons you were declined. Applicants are declined only for credit reasons.

Where can I ask a question or make a complaint?

Please let us know right away. If we have fallen short of our goals, we’d like to know as soon as possible so that we can rectify the situation. You can call us at 800-397-4485 or chat online 24 / 7.

When are my payments due?

Your first payment will be due approximately 30 days from the funding date. Subsequent payments are due every month after that, usually on the same day of each month.

Is PowerPay a credit card?

No. PowerPay is a consumer loan program. You do not need to hold and manage yet another credit card when you work with PowerPay.