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PowerPay was designed to help eliminate the fees that have plagued the Home Improvement and Elective HealthCare sectors for years. In other networks the fees have been passed on to consumers in the form of higher interest rates or over inflated quotes. We set out to offer fair and affordable monthly payments through a network of quality contractors and medical providers who share the same goal.

We’ve reduced fees for our network providers so that they can offer more competitive quotes. Our technology provides near instant decisioning coupled with electronic documentation and funding which allows everyone to work with the Providers on what’s most important. 

More and more consumers are making buying decisions based on affordability within their monthly budget. PowerPay turns expensive purchases into simple transparent monthly payments. For example, a kitchen remodel could cost $25,000. In the past consumers would have to sacrifice with smaller projects or settle for standard products to reduce the cost of the overall project. Today with PowerPay consumers can purchase the upgrades they really want while only adding a few extra dollars to the monthly payment. Suddenly, a quote for a dream kitchen goes from a $25,000 purchase to something that is only a few hundred dollars per month. 

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