What is PowerPay?

A New Way to Sell More and Help Your Customers

PowerPay is a digital commerce platform that bring consumers, contractors/dealers, and lenders together for the purpose of making home improvements more affordable. By helping our contractors modernize with the use of technology we built a platform that is simple and easy to use. We streamline the lending process and provide consumers with low, fixed monthly payments that are offset with free goods, services & utility credits so they can afford more efficient smart systems.


We eliminated ALL Contractor Fees so that our contractors can focus on providing more competitive pricing. We got rid of the “middleman” and passed on the savings. It allows the consumer to get ultra-competitive low, fixed monthly payments without having to break the bank on a needed system for their home.  With no fee options for borrowers from 600+ FICO scores and new low fee promotional programs – we are now your 1st and 2nd look all in one lender.  

Same as Cash or Better?

Wouldn’t it be nice to go back to a time when you received everything from a sale you worked so hard to close? Forget about fees from the other online lenders. Even eliminate all those unpleasant credit card fees. We have NO Fees so it’s better than cash because you can close more deals and you never have to worry about chasing money again. That’s amazing!

Increase Demand and Sales

It’s a fact that 50% of every home improvement project over $5,000 is financed and over 65% of all shoppers search for financing options prior to making a home improvement purchase. Using PowerPay as a tool to sell home improvement projects makes the sale that much easier because consumers don’t have to worry about depleting their savings or pulling equity out of their home. Offering financing expands your reach to buyers that were sitting on the sidelines because they couldn’t afford the “all cash” price.

Doing it Right

We spent years building the right technology and process flow that would help ease the lending and selling process for all of our partners (consumers, dealers, lenders). No more worrying about trying to offer a base system for fear of losing the sale. Because consumers have the option to roll more into a monthly price, they are better equipped to handle discussions regarding warranties, maintenance & service contracts.

Who is PowerPay?

At PowerPay, we built a nationwide contractor and lender network of some of the largest state & federally charted lending institutions. We partnered with the largest insurance, software, & utility companies so that we can pass discounts onto consumers. All PowerPay products are unsecured term loans and not credit card products so your clients will always know their monthly payment and never tie up equity in the home.

Ease of Use & Instant Approvals

Our goal is to make your life easier as a Contractor and help you sell more jobs. The platform is so simple to use that our contractors are up and running in minutes. The entire system is paperless. Customers fill out a simple application and are given online decisions instantly. Contractors are paid directly via ACH. No more asking for deposits or chasing down final payments. Experience higher profit margins since you don’t have to process unnecessary credit card fees like you have with other online lenders.

It’s a great time to join the revolution. We look forward to you joining our team!