advantages of solar energy

Top 5 Advantages of Going Solar

Top 5 Advantages of Going Solar

If you live in an area with decent sunlight, solar panels may be your dream energy source. Technological advancements over the past two decades have skyrocketed panels from glorified gargoyles to serious money savers. 

Homeowners should learn the upsides of going solar to see if they outperform their current energy options. 

Here are the top five advantages of going solar. 

Save Energy Costs

How much money you save from solar varies depending on a number of factors. A system that conserves thousands in Denver might bleed euros in Munich. The Department of Energy lists several profit-determining factors:

  • Electricity consumption: Some people consume too much power for solar to be financially viable. If users must consistently tap into the grid because they can’t get enough from their panels, it will take many years to break even. 
  • Size and roof angle: More roof space equals more room to stick panels. This increased surface area nets higher energy gains during any given day.

Unfortunately, city dwellers lose out here since most apartments lack the roof space to get solar to all the residents. 

Ideal sun-capturing roof angles range between 30 and 45 degrees. Roofs much steeper than 45 degrees will only get partial exposure to sunlight, an inefficient solar design

  • Solar energy system size: Like adding more panels, larger solar systems will store more daily energy.
  • Whether you purchase or lease your system: Solar panels are pricey, with some systems costing $20,000. People who can pay this cost upfront often see positive returns within the next decade. 

But costly leasing plans can significantly extend this period. To combat such price barriers, financing companies like PowerPay offer flexible payment options to new green homeowners. The program offers 20 and 25-year loans with rates starting at 2.99% and a $100,000 loan maximum. PowerPay’s solar financing program will allow homeowners to reduce their electricity bills and increase the value of their homes while protecting the environment. To learn more and apply homeowners should visit our site to learn about solar rates.

  • Direct hours of daily sunlight: A peak sun hour is 60 minutes of sun that hits 1,000 watts per square meter. Arizona gives solar owners nearly double the peak sun hours as Maine. 
  • Local electricity rates: The cheaper your local energy alternatives are, the slower solar will save you money. Check out this site that shows energy costs in your local area. 

Build an Energy Independent Home

National and international upheaval can send gas prices soaring; not so with solar. Each day, the sun will rise, and you’ll get a relatively predictable charge. This stability makes panels great for people who want to live without fearing fluctuating energy markets.

Reduce Environmental Impact

Solar panels are a renewable energy source, meaning they reduce greenhouse gas production. Fewer emissions help slow climate change and improve air quality. And thanks to lowering energy farming, panels can decrease water consumption. 

Increase Home Value

A 2015 study showed that solar panels can add thousands of dollars to your home. Many buyers view these energy units as a premium upgrade, like a refurbished bathroom. So, those looking to boost their home’s market value should consider solar panels a plus. 

Earn Tax Cuts for Green Energy

The federal government gives solar installers a 30% tax credit. This cut nets users impressive savings that can rise even further with state credits. Visit your state’s site to determine if you qualify for additional benefits. 

Key Takeaways

  1. Solar panels can save significant energy costs. 
  2. Renewable energy improves air quality while helping halt climate change. 
  3. Panels grant independence from fluctuating energy markets. 
  4. Home buyers view solar panels as a luxury upgrade. 
  5. Federal and state governments grant tax cuts to green energy users. 

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