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3 Benefits to Financing Your Next Home Improvement

We finance many things in life. Our car. Our home. Our kid’s college tuition. But for some reason, when it comes to paying for expensive home improvements, financing isn’t something most people think about—even though they probably should. Below are three benefits for financing your next home improvement project:

1) No More “Jaw Droppers”

You’ve probably been there before. You bring in your contractor, get a quote, and your jaw drops to the floor when you find out the total project cost. Even if you desperately want or need the project for your home, the price might be unbearable.  Financing changes all that. A large, lump-sum cost can be translated into a simple, low monthly fee that you can pay for over time.

2) Start Thinking About Possibilities

The nice thing about a low monthly fee? You can worry less about what’s affordable, and more about what’s possible. Say you’re doing a kitchen remodel. A $10,000 project spread over 180 months at 8.99% APR could cost as low as $101 per month. If that’s more affordable, say that you wanted to spend more to have the appliances you always dreamed of. Your new $15,000 project could be as low as just $152 per month. Instead of compromising on quality, the kitchen you always dreamed of could be a reality.

3) Don’t Empty Your Savings

Like many people, you may have spent much of your professional life building up an interest-bearing savings account. But what if you have to draw down huge sums of money in order to pay for your next project? Suddenly the $50,000 in savings might be gone — along with all the interest that would have come with it over time.

Interested in Financing?

 If you’re interested in financing your next home improvement project, simply head over to GetPowerPay.com/apply-now. Fill out your information, and you can instantly be approved for as much as $100,000.