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Manage Loans prior to 5/31/22(Commerce Portal)

Click here to manage your apps & loans prior to 5/31/21

Schedule Training

Click Here to schedule team training with your PowerPay team

Request a Rate Sheet

Click Here to request our latest rate sheet – No merchant fee options, premium plans, promotions, buydowns, etc. Are you on the best plan?

Advance Funding Request

Click Here to request advance funding for future loans.  Approval required.

Concierge Program

Learn more about our revolutionary Concierge Program and get access to your own professional finance manager!

Sales & Marketing Tools

Click here to access custom badges, loan calculators, banners, iframes, and links for your website and more!

Custom Application &Mobile Link

Click Here to get your custom application and in-home mobile link for your website, email, and digital marketing.

Training Videos

Click Here to see FAQs, Training Videos and Get Help.