The following is our electronic consent for payments and records between you and

1. Definitions.
“We,” “us,” and “our” means PowerPay LLC, its successors, and assigns.

“You” and “your” means you, the customer of PowerPay that is giving this consent.

“Records” means all documents related to using our loans, products and services, including any communications related to your loan.

“Communications” means emails, attachments, text message (sms), PDFs, online via website or smartphone app.

.2. Scope of Consent.
By accepting these terms herein you consent to conduct transactions with PowerPay electronically, use electronic signatures and receive electronic mail (email) and electronic communication, or text messages (sms) with respect to any and all transactions regarding your account, instead of receiving them in paper or by regular mail. Your consent will be effective unless you withdraw it.  All records will be sent electronically by email, email attachments, text or online.

3. How to Update Your Contact Information.
You agree to provide us with your accurate email address and personal contact information and to notify us immediately of any changes. You can update your information (including your email address) by calling or emailing us or using the PowerPay app. If email is undeliverable to your email address for three consecutive months, your consent will be considered withdrawn and we will send you future records in writing.

4. Obtaining Paper Copies.
You may obtain a paper copy of a record by printing it from your computer or calling or emailing us. If permitted by state laws we may charge you a reasonable service charge for providing you with a paper copy of any record.

5. Failing to Provide Consent and Withdrawing Consent.
If you do not consent to the use of electronic signatures and records, you will not be able to complete the transactions for the loan requests or requests for other products or services. You may, at any time,  withdraw your consent to receive electronic records, and instead elect at any time to use the U.S. Postal Service to get printed records by calling or emailing PowerPay.  We will not impose any fee if you withdraw your consent to receive electronic records, but communications between you and us will may be slower.

6. Hardware and Software Requirements.
In order to use Electronic Transactions and Records you need to have an electronic device that satisfies the following:

Active email account
Internet access with encryption
Adobe Acrobat Reader
Smartphone – IOS or Android operating system

Please save and print a copy of these Terms for Electronic Transactions and Records to confirm that you have the required hardware and software to conduct electronic transactions with us.  By clicking on any button indicating an acceptance or agreement to terms, a continuance of processing or submission (“next”) you agree that:

You have read this consent
You consent to use electronic signatures and records
You have the necessary hardware and software to view and retain records and communications online and to receive records and communications that we send to you by email and text
Your consent applies to every record that we may send you during our business relationship unless you revoke your consent.