Consumer Finance
for Home Improvement Contractors

Dealer Highlights
* No Contractor Fees
* Up to .38 rebate
* Lowest Payments
* Instant Approval
* $100K max loan
* 600+ FICO

Consumer Highlights
* Rates from 4.99%
* $100K max loan
* No Credit Card
* No Prepayment fees
* E-docs
* Up to 15-year terms

Dealer Sign Up

Welcome to Service Roundtable dealer enrollment for the PowerPay Home Improvement consumer financing program.  We partnered with PowerPay to offer SRT members the best financing program available.  PowerPay’s program offers the lowest monthly payment for any home improvement.  Consumers today want low affordable monthly payments, convenience, and instant approvals so they can purchase what they really want, what they can afford, and when they want it.  PowerPay loans turn a $100,000 home improvement project into a $1,000 monthly payment.  It’s easy to sign up and there are no dealer fees!

Dealer Highlights:

  • No Dealer Fees
  • Soft Credit Pulls
  • Rebates .38%
  • $100K max loans
  • 600+ FICO
  • Rates from 4.99% to 14.99%

Highlights for Consumers:  rates from 4.99%, No prepayment penalties, up to 15-year terms, No Credit Card, $100K loan maximum, affordable monthly payments, E-Docs.

What’s Next: Once you complete the enrollment form you will receive a Dealer ID and login to  Once you login we will provide some simple instructions to help get your account set up. In addition, we will offer simple training, access to a representative, and web links that you can share with your customers to apply for financing.  Sign up now to start offering your customers the lowest payment options available!