Consumer Financing
for Generator Dealers

Program Highlights


* No Dealer Fees
* Easy to Use
* Instant Approvals
* from 8.99% APR
* Up to 15 Year Term
* Approval FICO 600+
* Staged Funding Option


* Lowest Payment Option
* No Credit Cards
* No Prepayment Penalty
* Low Interest Rate
* Instant Approvals

Dealer Sign Up

Welcome to the PowerPay Power Generation Dealer enrollment Portal.  If you are a Power Generation dealer seeking the best consumer financing programs for your customers – look no further.

With PowerPay – you can provide simple and easy to use consumer financing that benefits your customer and your business.  Turn an expensive investment into affordable low monthly payments.   Rates start at 8.99% with 5, 10, and 15-year options.  We offer staged funding, instant approvals, electronic documents, and best of all – NO DEALER FEES!  For your consumers – it’s a simple platform with instant approvals, no credit cards, no-prepayment penalties, and the lowest monthly payment.  This home improvement finance program is not just for Generators.  In fact,  ANY home improvement offered by a dealer is eligible for financing by PowerPay.

Get started today, it only takes minutes to have the best financing program working for you!

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