Liposuction Financing Options

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    Liposuction Financing Options: The Benefits of PowerPay

    If you’re considering liposuction, you may be wondering how to pay for it. The good news is that there are a variety of financing options available, including credit cards, personal loans, and healthcare loans. 

    What is the typical cost of liposuction?

    The price of liposuction can vary depending on a number of factors, including the age of the patient, the geographic location of the procedure, surgeon selection and fees associated with the surgery. However, in general, liposuction procedures start at around $3,500.

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    Additional Plastic & Aesthetic Procedure and Service Financing Options


    A major surgery that removes excess skin and fat from the abdomen, and tightens muscles

    Body Contouring CoolSculpting

    Also known as Cryolipolysis, this is a body contouring method that targets stubborn fatty tissue by freezing it

    Breast augmentation

    Also known as augmentation mammaplasty, this is breast enlargement by surgery

    Eyelid surgery

    Also known as blepharoplasty, this is a cosmetic surgery to remove excess skin or fat from the eyelids


    Also known as rhytidectomy, this is a cosmetic surgical procedure to create a younger appearance in your face

    Mini facelift

    A modified version of a traditional facelift where small incisions are used around your hairline to help lift the lower half of your face to help correct sagging skin

    Mommy makeover

    A specialized combination of body contouring procedures performed together to improve the physical changes that linger long after pregnancy

    Nose job rhinoplasty

    Surgery on the nose to change its shape or improve its function

    Cosmetic surgery

    The process of reconstructing or repairing parts of the body by the transfer of tissue for cosmetic reasons

    Reconstructive surgery

    A procedure that restores the body after an injury, a disease, or it corrects defects you were born with

    Skin Tightening

    The improvement of skin laxity and crepiness of the skin

    Tummy tuck

    A surgical procedure to correct the apron of excess skin hanging over your abdomen

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    Liposuction Financing FAQ

    How do you finance liposuction?

    This depends on the surgeon. Some surgeons offer financing, while others do not. In most cases, a down payment is required and the remainder of the cost is spread out over a period of time. You will also likely need to provide proof of income and/or credit history in order to qualify for financing.

    What are the typical costs associated with liposuction surgery?

    The typical costs associated with liposuction surgery can vary depending on the area or areas being treated, the surgeon performing the procedure, and the geographic location. For example, a small-area liposuction may cost between $1,500 and $3,000, while a full body lift can cost upwards of $20,000. Appointments with a surgeon to discuss the procedure should be budgeted for as well–expect to pay around $200-$300 for an initial consultation.

    Additionally, there are other potential costs associated with liposuction that should be considered. These can include post-operative care (such as compression garments which may need to be worn for some time after surgery), prescription medications to manage pain and swelling, and laboratory tests which may be required before surgery.

    Can I finance liposuction through my health insurance plan?

    In most cases, it is not possible to finance liposuction surgery through your health insurance plan. Most health insurance plans do not cover cosmetic procedures such as liposuction because they are considered to be elective or non-essential treatments. Some health insurance plans may only reimburse for certain types of liposuction procedures, such as those performed for medical reasons such as the treatment of lymphedema.

    It’s always a good idea to check with your health insurance provider to see if they offer any benefits for liposuction procedures. If not, you may be able to use your health insurance plan to cover the costs of post-operative care, such as compression garments or prescription medications.

    Does insurance cover the cost of liposuction?

    How do I pay for liposuction?

    When it comes to financing liposuction, there are various avenues to explore, such as credit cards, personal loans, and healthcare loans. However, it’s important to understand that not all options are created equal. Let’s delve deeper into each financing method:

    Credit Cards: Many individuals opt for credit cards to finance their liposuction procedure due to potentially favorable features like low-interest rates and no-interest promotional periods. However, it’s crucial to exercise caution as credit card debt can become challenging to manage if not adhering to a well-defined budget.

    Personal Loans: Another popular choice for financing liposuction is through personal loans. These loans generally offer lower interest rates compared to credit cards and can be easier to handle with a predetermined repayment schedule.

    Healthcare Loans: Specifically tailored to medical procedures like liposuction, healthcare loans are designed to meet the financial needs of individuals seeking such treatments. These loans typically provide competitive interest rates and flexible repayment options, ensuring greater convenience and affordability.

    By considering these financing options, you can make an informed decision that aligns with your financial circumstances and ensures a smoother journey towards your desired liposuction procedure.

    Financing Liposuction with PowerPay FAQ

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