The kitchen has always been a place for gathering, but 2020 took it a step further. Now, homeowners are looking to create an inviting and entertaining space. From family meals, Zoom calls, online school, and virtual happy hours, the kitchen has and will always be the heart of the home. Here at PowerPay, we’ve seen an increase in kitchen remodels since the beginning of the pandemic. Based on our research of kitchen designers across the country, we’ve identified six trends for 2021 that will not only add value to your home but also upgrade your home’s personality.







Wood Finishes

Whether your style is rustic or contemporary, reclaimed wood is a perfect way to bring in natural materials for an earthy feel. With its versatility and eco-friendly material, it’s a great addition if you are looking to bring character into your home by offering a warm tone. It’s most commonly used in the kitchen for cabinetry, island countertops, flooring, or floating shelves. There are plenty of reclaimed wood look options that will provide the same look but with better pricing.




Dark Statements

Make a statement with this dramatic color-scheme. Don’t be afraid of the dark- this style offers a sophisticated yet cozy environment with added warmth. Charcoal cabinets with brass or copper accents and added greenery can lead to a bold, inviting presence.










No- Hardware Cabinets

A new trend that has surfaced is the clean look of no-hardware cabinets. While statement hardware can bring a touch of character into the kitchen, removing the hardware all together provides for a minimalist, futuristic look.









Mixed Materials

Say goodbye to perfectly matched kitchen and bathroom designs, and hello to a whole new world of contrast. Mixed materials, textures, colors, and patterns offer depth and layers that create an inviting presence. This trend leans away from the traditional cookie-cutter home, and allows the homeowner to really make their space a one-of-a-kind masterpiece offering fluidity and versatility.




Quartz Countertops

Quartz countertops are a beautiful alternative to granite or marble. Because it is manufactured, they can be customized to produce almost any color and style. Unlike granite and marble, quartz is non-porous, meaning it’s extremely durable and low maintenance that does not require sealing. Quartz countertops are easy to install and are heat, bacteria, stain, and scratch resistant.




Solid Backsplash

Small individual tiles used for a backsplash can often lead in a cluttered-looking kitchen. A one piece backsplash makes a luxurious statement without breaking the bank. An unbroken, solid plane of materials like marble, granite, quartz or metal makes for a clean, yet bold statement.





Bailey Karnash
PowerPay Communications Manager