Medical Spa Loans Made Easy

Save Money with $0 Merchant Fee Options!

Offer low payment options for medical spa treatments
with an easy and simple process!

  • $0 merchant fees
  • 12 to 72 month terms
  • 6 to 24 month promo offers
  • 9.99% APR
  • Greater case acceptance
  • Approvals up to $60,000
  • No prepayment penalties

Medical Spa Services

Acne treatments

Offer financing for the clearing of bacteria and drying up the excess oils that lead to acne.

Age spots

Offer financing for the treatment of flat brown, gray, or black spots on the skin.

Body sculpting

Offer financing for the reshaping of an area of the body.

Chemical peels

Offer financing for the application of a chemical solution to the skin to remove the top layers.


Offer financing to get rid of of stubborn fat in certain parts of the body.

Hair replacement

Offer medical spa loans for the surgical reversal of encroaching baldness.

Hair Restoration

Offer medical spa loans for hair loss treatment.

Injectables and Fillers

Offer medical spa loans for the restoration of a smoother appearance through soft tissue filler injections.

IPL/ Laser treatments

Offer medical spa loans for the cutting, burning, or destroying of tissue using a strong beam of light.

Laser hair removal

Offer medical spa loans for the removal of unwanted hair using a concentrated beam of light.

Laser resurfacing and light therapy

Offer financing to your patients for the reducing of facial wrinkles and skin irregularities, such as blemishes or acne scars.

Microdermabrasion and Micro Needling (PRP)

Offer financing to your patients for the treatment of cosmetic and medical skin conditions.

Spider and varicose vein treatments

Offer financing to your patients for the treatment of spider and varicose veins.

Tattoo Removal

Offer financing to your patients for the removal of tattoos with the use of lasers to destroy the ink itself.

Medical Spa Financing for Providers

Medical spas are becoming increasingly popular as patients seek more convenient and affordable ways to improve their appearance. However, medical spa treatments and procedures can be expensive, so many patients require alternative payment options for the treatment they seek. By providing healthcare financing, your practice can help patients find a way to afford care.

What are the benefits of offering medical spa financing through PowerPay? 

PowerPay is a medical spa financing company that offers several benefits to both patients and providers by working directly alongside them. Some of our highlights include:

  • No hidden HCP/ office fees
  • Quick payment solutions to help your patients cover their procedures
  • Receive payment right away with our instant approval process
  • Financial management help for coordinating loans with patients
  • No more chasing down customers for payments

How do my patients benefit from PowerPay financing?

There are many benefits for patients when they choose to finance their medspa needs. Some of these include:

  • No upfront costs. Patients can get the services they need without having to pay any upfront costs.
  • Lower interest rates and flexible repayment terms. Our plans are tailored to client’s unique financial needs.
  • Afford treatments they’ve always wanted. That laser hair removal or skin resurfacing is suddenly within reach!

How It Works 

We know how much you do as a medical spa provider and business owner — that’s why we pride ourselves on making the enrollment process as simple as possible. Once you enroll your business with PowerPay, our team will begin training you and you will be able to offer loans to your patients. We also provide a number of resources to help your business get started, including mobile links, printed guides, excellent customer service, marketing assistance and even on-demand assistance for any loan.

Once your team has been approved and trained, your patients can apply directly for a loan via our website or yours by simply clicking a link. Our team will review their application within 24 hours and then assist with loan product selection, including collection of identity, all necessary loan documents, process of stipulations for any applications that might need more work, and funding. For more support, we have a team on stand-by from 8 AM – Midnight (EST) everyday!

PowerPay’s Concierge service is also available for any healthcare professionals new to patient financing, or who simply need additional resources to help manage the loan process. With Concierge, your practice will have a dedicated personal finance manager to handle all of the tedious tasks involved in the loan process for you.


of Americans have less than $600 in savings.


of dealers report financing increases their average sale.


of cardholders feel promotion financing makes their larger purchases affordable.

Why should I offer financing at my medical spa business? 

There are a multitude of benefits to offering financing to your medspa patients. To name a few:

  • Grow your client base. Offering loans can help you attract new patients who may not have been able to afford your services otherwise.
  • Increase expensive procedures. By eliminating the obstacle of financing, your patients will be able to consider more advanced services that otherwise seemed out of reach.
  • Improve cash flow. Offering loans can help improve your business’s cash flow by providing you with payment upfront.
  • Decrease cancellations. By removing the obstacle of finances for your patients, they will be able to follow through with the botox or body sculpting they have been putting off!

Why might a patient need to finance medical spa treatment? 

The cost of medical spa treatments can be varied and often expensive. Most insurance plans consider medical spa services to be elective and therefore do not cover them. Some patients may not be able to pay upfront or out of pocket for their desired procedure. Because of this, it is helpful for both your business and your patients to offer alternative payment options so that medical spa care is more accessible.

Other Payment Options 

There are other ways for patients to pay for their medical spa treatments. Common payment methods include:

  • Paying out of pocket: Paying for medical spa treatments out of pocket is the most common method of payment. Patients can use cash, check, or credit card to pay for their treatment.
  • Using a line of credit: Some medical spas offer lines of credit that patients can use to finance their treatments. Lines of credit usually have low interest rates and can be used for multiple procedures.
  • Credit cards: Many medical spas accept major credit cards as a form of payment, though they may have higher interest rates than other financing options. 

It is important for your clients to choose the best option based on their financial situation. By offering financing through your practice, you can help support this decision by providing another means of payment.

Win More.

Close more sales by focusing on low monthly payments

Keep More.

Eliminate paying fees to banks and finance companies

Earn More.

No more compromising on price – upsell the project your customer really wants.


Medical Spa Treatment Financing for Medical Professionals FAQs

What is the medical spa treatment loan process like for patients?

The process of applying for a medical spa loan is relatively simple with the options of applying in person via a bank or credit agency, or through an easy online application with a direct lending partner. Either way a patient applies, they simply need to provide some basic information about themselves and their financing needs. Lenders will typically require information such as the patient’s name, address, employer, income, and credit score.

Once the application is complete, the lender will review it and determine if the patient is eligible for a loan. If the patient is approved, the lender will work with the patient to outline repayment terms that fit their budget. Patients should note that medical spa loans are not available in all states so patients should check with their local lenders to see if they offer these types of loans.

If I offer medical spa treatment financing, will it impact my patient’s credit?

It depends on the loan provider and whether they do a hard or soft credit pull. A hard credit pull will have a more negative impact on your patient’s credit score, while a soft credit pull will not have an impact on their score. If you’re concerned about the impact that taking out medical spa financing could have on your patient’s credit score, it’s worth checking with the loan provider to see how they perform credit checks.

Why should a medical spa offer financing?

By offering financing, a medical spa can increase patient volume and revenue. Some benefits of offering financing include the following:

  • Patients can finance their treatments over time, which allows them to get the treatments they need without incurring debt.
  • Financing options give patients more flexibility when it comes to choosing treatment plans.
  • Financing helps patients maintain their credit scores by breaking down large payments into smaller monthly installments.
  • Medical practices that offer financing can increase profits by up to 25% by providing patients who may not be able to afford treatments otherwise a solution.

What is the typical length of a loan for a medical spa treatments and procedures?

The typical length of a loan for medical spa treatments and procedures depends on the loan provider. For example, one lender might offer terms of 12 to 36 months, while another might offer terms of 60 or 72 months. It’s important to compare interest rates and other terms among lenders before choosing which loan provider to partner with for your patients.

Offering Medical Spa Treatment & Procedure Loans through PowerPay FAQ

Visit the PowerPay business FAQ to learn more about offering patient financing for medical spa treatments and services, as well as answers to other frequently asked questions.