Equipment & Installation Financing


There’s a better way, and we have it.  POWERpay is a commerce platform built to help contractors and consumers with home improvement projects. There are NO FEES + NO COST to participate. Now you can offer your customers payment options with POWERpay.


We offer an easy and nearly instant sign up.  Once you’ve completed enrolling in the POWERpay program your dealership will be ready to write loans in less than 24 hours. We will provide logins for your team so they can write loans in your customers home, office, or online.

Processing Loans

Using POWERpay is easy. We made it easy for your customers to complete a simple loan app with automated approvals within seconds. We also made it easy for you process the paperless system and get your customer their equipment and installation faster.


Our goal is to make your life a little easier, help you sell more product, give your clients a reason to come back or refer you to their friends. Our loan process is seamless, paperless, and speeds up the time to process the loan so you can get paid faster.


Our program uses the state-of-the-art technology platform to secure you and your clients when applying for a loan.

Up-sell Opportunities

Most contractors don’t realize that customers who finance tend to spend more (invest) in their home. With low fixed monthly amount, we find that customers upgrade to larger or better unit and are more likely to get the enhancements because it’s more affordable with financing. Many contractors complain that their sales team or admin don’t try and bundle things like warranties, maintenance, and service at the time of sale. They also don’t understand that some or all of these items can be included into the loan. Many customers prefer to know what the total of their monthly bill. Customer like options so it’s added to your program.

Wait, it gets better

POWERpay is adding new programs to help you sell more, make more money while helping you close more customers.

Close More Sales

Same as Cash
100% Funding on Installation
0 Points to Dealer

Seamless Funding

Immediate funding upon install
No paperwork
We handle everything

Sell More Stuff

Equipment and Install
Smart Home products
Maintenance and Repairs

Frequently Asked Questions

What if a customer is declined?

We politely let the customer know that, unfortunately, financing options using POWERpay won’t be available to them. We encourage them to choose an alternative payment option and we are working on secondary options for the customer that qualify. We minimize the friction between being declined and converting to another payment method.

Why should I offer financing?

It’s a fact that 50% of all home improvement investments over $5,000 are financed.  Additionally, over 30% of all buyers research financing options before making a purchase like a generator.  By not offering a financing option you are missing out on sales opportunities.  Customers that need financing aren’t contacting you.  You are also missing out on customers that may make a larger purchase if financing was available.  Offering financing will help your business grow and it’s why Home Depot, Lowe’s,  IKEA and every major retailer offers it.  Now you can too!

Why do Dealers choose us?

We are former dealers who understand the needs of the local dealer.  Our job is to help you sell more systems. We don’t charge you anything to participate.  You keep 100% of the sale.  We have other programs that will help you grow your maintenance business along with providing you other opportunities to generate additional income with our other partner programs.

Who is the Lender?

Our lenders vary by state but generally have placed over $30 Billion in loans so when you process a loan with us you can be sure it will get funded.

How do my customers pay me?

POWERpay will directly deposit funds into the dealer’s account via ACH on the day of install.  It’s simple, easy and instant!

How does POWERpay work?

It’s a pretty simple model. Consumers apply online and a decision is automatically generated within minutes.  We offer payment options to the consumer who would prefer or cannot afford to pay cash for the entire installation.  We offer competitive and reasonable financing to help the buyer make affordable monthly payments rather than one big purchase.  Every customer that uses POWERpay will receive a FREE 1 Year HDR (Home Deductible Reimbursement) Insurance Plan, access to FREE 10 Year warranties, & discounted remote monitoring.

My customers pay cash, so why should I offer financing?

Offering payment plans keeps the focus on your service instead of the price. Your customers can always choose to pay with cash, but with financing, you can increase their buying power and improve the appeal of your company.  Our financing programs offer a lot of other benefits to the dealer plus allowing the customer to pay a small monthly payment vs. a big check.

How long does it take for me to get paid?

The Dealer is paid in full after the completed installation.

How does the POWERpay Program increase sales?

Customers prefer payment options for major purchases to increase their buying power and fit their budget. POWERpay offers multiple plans to meet the consumer’s needs.  It’s much easier for the customer to focus on the affordability of a low monthly payment than a large “big ticket” purchase.

How do I offer my customers the POWERpay Program?

This can be done in a few ways.

First, your clients can apply at
The second option is that we can supply you with a link or button for you to add on your website.
Third, customers can apply by contacting our call center
Finally, your salespeople can provide a link or tablet during in-person visits.

Who takes the risk?

There is no risk to the Dealer.  When it comes to payment we take all of the risk.

Who services the loans?

Our Lender Network services the loans. This allows the consumer access to a full range of other products and services from that lender.

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