Dealer Highlights
* No Contractor Fees
* Easy to Use
* Lowest Payments
* Instant Approval
* $100K max loan
* 600+ FICO

Consumer Highlights
* from 8.99% APR
* $100K max loan
* No Credit Card
* No Prepayment fees
* E-docs
* Up to 15-year terms

Dealer Sign Up

Welcome to FinFi’s dealer enrollment for the PowerPay Home Improvement consumer financing program! FinFi partnered with PowerPay to offer homeowners more financing options with benefits that include stage funding, no dealer fees, 15-year terms, 600+ FICO scores, 8.99% rates and loans up to $100k with no prepayment penalties. We’re excited to be able to offer your homeowners PowerPay’s competitive financing products with a seamless user experience on FinFi’s platform.

How it Works: PowerPay offers will be presented to qualified homeowners through the FinFi platform just like any other offer. The homeowner will complete any additional required steps directly with PowerPay and dealers will need to complete the transaction directly at

Get Started: To start including PowerPay offers through FinFi, please complete the short form below. Once your enrollment is completed, you will receive a Dealer ID and login to where you can access your personalized portal, review training materials and get started.