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Making your new yard affordable.

When it comes to home improvements, it’s easy to focus on the needs inside the four walls of your home, but what about the space outside? Landscaping and updated outdoor spaces offer several benefits to homeowners – creating a natural and relaxing scene, improving the curb appeal of your home and also adding to the overall property value. The pandemic of 2020 taught us the value of spending more time at home.

Depending on the size of your yard and land, outside of standard lawn maintenance and restoration, landscaping has no limit on possibilities. Landscapers and hardscaping companies provide home owners the option to plant flower beds, bushes, trees and even all the way up to walking paths, retaining walls and whole gardens fit with waterfalls and statues.

Working with a landscaping contractor with ample resources is an important factor when it comes to creating and maintaining your dream yard. Partnering with landscaping professionals that offer financing for landscaping projects means that homeowners can create the outdoor space of their dreams while being able to split the costs into low and affordable monthly payments.

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The Benefits You Get From Financing Your Landscaping Project

Hardscaping and Landscaping financing is on the rise among homeowners in order to beautify their properties, stay eco-friendly, and invest in the overall home’s value. Landscapers and hardscaping companies can be contacted to help out in all areas big and small, from maintaining existing outdoor spaces to creating an entirely new outdoor oasis equipped with the highest quality plant-life and yard decor, patios, walkways, outdoor kitchens, pool decks, pool houses, etc..

When it comes to financing, there are a few options, but working with a contractor that offers low and affordable monthly payments with long-term repayment options means that you can get the landscaping that you want, not just the landscaping your home needs.

Adding Large Shade Trees To Your Home Will Save You On Energy Costs

In the summer, properly placed trees in outdoor areas can lower the overall temperature of your property by 40+ degrees, while also greatly reducing UV exposure on yourself and your family members. This temperature control can save homeowners up to 25% on energy use in those hot summer months.

Conversely, in the winter, large shade trees help with windbreaks and prevent your heating system from having to work as hard to heat up the home. While new trees can be expensive and cost upwards of $2,000 for a single tree after planting, well positioned trees can save up to $250 on energy costs each year, meaning that the trees you plant today will continue to save you money on energy costs for years to come, putting some of that money back into your pocket.

When working with a landscaping company that offers home improvement financing programs, such as PowerPay, you don’t have to sacrifice the shade your home needs. Instead you can pay a low monthly payment, while you enjoy your beautiful yard outside and the lowered energy bills inside.

Landscaping Is Great For The Environment

A newly landscaped yard can help to lower the energy costs inside the home, but they can also help to keep your home healthy. Managed landscapes act as an environmental cleaner, absorbing carbon dioxide to break it down into oxygen while also helping to capture dust and other air pollutants.

A well maintained yard also helps to absorb water runoff in particularly wet areas, and also acts as a noise minimizer, reducing noise pollution by 20-30% compared to hard surfaces like concrete or asphalt.

A Healthy Yard Provides Mental & Physical Health Benefits For Homeowners

Not only does a landscaped yard help the environment, but it can even help to improve the health of homeowners.

Scientists have studied the benefits of human interaction with plants for years and research has found that even just looking at plants can reduce blood pressure, stress and even lower healthcare costs. Walking through natural environments has also been known to improve attention, memory and even helps to regulate mood.

A well-maintained yard increases the health of those living in the home, and when you’re ready to sell, will also help draw prospective buyers to your property for the same reasons.

Supportive Landscape Design Can Help Prevent Erosion & Protect Your Property

Besides the standard projects of lawn maintenance and restoration, landscapers can also provide options for renovating paths and building retaining walls, adding function to the aesthetics.

Retaining walls exist for a variety of reasons. Most commonly, they are used to hold dirt in place and make the yard look more attractive. They can also function as a way to hide debris, protect the foundation of your home and keep water out in order to prevent erosion.

The added protection helps to increase the appeal of the property and its market value, making your next landscaping project more attractive and affordable.

Fast And Easy Approval Process Helps Fast-track Your Next Landscaping Project

PowerPay provides instant approvals for home improvement loans of up to $100,000. With instant-approvals and funds that are available in as little as a day, there’s no reason to wait on financing decisions that are out of your control.

Instead, you’ll have the luxury to start breaking ground on your next landscaping project without material & labor cost limitations and all the back-and-forth of unnecessary paperwork.

Good Financing Makes Your Dream Yard Affordable

Landscaping can improve your property’s curb appeal, boost its value, and create a sense of pride, but the cost of landscaping your full yard can be costly, with the average homeowner spending anywhere from $3,000 to upwards of $15,000 for new landscaping installation which can include new lighting, walkways, patio, outdoor kitchen, pool decks, pool house, etc.

To make projects more affordable, often homeowners will cut costs wherever they can – opting to landscape just the front or backyard, choosing just grass instead of trees and removing any nice-to-haves like retaining walls, or walking paths from their plans. Yet, when working with a contractor backed by a quality lending partner like PowerPay who offers low APRs and no prepayment penalties for loans up to $100,000, there’s no need to skip all the bells and whistles you want to create your ideal outdoor escape.

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Landscape Financing FAQ

How Much Does Landscaping Cost?

The cost of landscaping services varies depending on the size and complexity. A basic landscaping project can start around $3,000, while a larger project could be well above $10,000. It really depends on the materials used – trees and shrubs, brick, stone, flagstone, outdoor kitchen cabinets and countertops, lighting options, etc. can be really expensive. All labor will come with an hourly cost ranging from as low as $50 per hour to as high as $150 per hour. A landscaping budget of 10% of your home’s value is generally a good estimate of the total project costs to plan for.

While the upfront costs can be high, landscaping is an investment that pays off year after year with its beauty, functionality and energy cost savings. Working with the right landscaping professional that offers financing for your landscaping project means that you can spread the cost out over time with low and affordable monthly payments.

What Does Landscaping Include?

As a way to make the outside world look like an extension of your home, landscaping includes many features and possibilities ranging from projects as small as tree trimming or planting flowers, to projects as large as installation of full irrigation systems, retaining walls, large garden structures, patios, walkways, lighting, outdoor kitchens, etc.

Beyond the individual labor, for complete outdoor overhauls or brand new builds, landscapers also work alongside other outdoor design professionals like deck builders and pool installers to create the perfect outdoor escape.

How Much Value Does Landscaping Add To A Home?

A home selling with attractive landscaping features, especially if easy to maintain, can be worth anywhere from 5-15% more than a home that’s selling without landscaping, particularly with properly installed plants and trees which also offer energy savings for both you and future homeowners.

How Can Landscaping Loan Help With The Choice Of Materials?

The cost of materials for a landscaping project can vary greatly by design choice with options ranging from simple lawn care and maintenance to installation of full sprinkler systems, water fountains, ponds, walking paths and retaining walls. The cost for installation can also vary depending on the equipment and labor hours needed for the selected materials. This variable rise in cost can deter some homeowners from choosing the materials they want in lieu of cost savings, often at the expense of quality and longevity.

With financing up to $100,000, homeowners can reduce the initial upfront cost and focus on the details and improvements they want for their landscape without having to sacrifice on materials. A long term loan with low interest can result in really affordable monthly payments so you can get the finished product you want.

Can Landscaping Negatively Impact A Home’s Resale Value?

You might be surprised to hear that, yes, some landscaping projects can actually detract from the resale value of a home. Overly complex landscaping features, like koi ponds, may turn away potential buyers who do not want to pay, or work to maintain them. Likewise, for homes in areas with strong winds and rain, having too many trees may result in storm damage, making the home less attractive to buyers.

Planting visually appealing, but low-maintenance landscaping will have the opposite effect and help to increase curb appeal and help the home sell quickly. A high quality loan that eliminates fees and credit cards and that’s combined with a quick and easy application can come in handy when a yard needs a facelift.

Powerpay FAQ

Visit the PowerPay FAQ for borrowers to learn more about landscaping financing options, as well as answers to other frequently asked questions.