Hot Tub & Spa Financing for Contractors

Offer home improvement loans to customers with no hidden contractor fees or credit cards.

No hidden contractor fees or credit cards
Instant approvals up to $100,000
Payment direct into your bank account via ACH
Close more bids and save you and your customers money

Offering Financing Options for Your Hot Tub and Spa Patrons

It’s no secret that hot tubs and spas provide a wealth of emotional and financial benefits to their owners. People love the relaxation and therapeutic effects of hot tubs, not to mention the social opportunities they provide. And as more people become interested in owning a hot tub, contractors have an opportunity to offer financing options that make it easier for their customers to buy one. If you’re a contractor looking to offer financing options for hot tubs and spas, then PowerPay is the perfect solution for you.

Close More Sales

Eliminate paying fees to banks and finance companies

Seamless Funding

Close more sales by focusing on low monthly payments

Sell More

No more compromising on price – upsell the project your customer really wants.

Why are Hot Tubs Important?

Hot tubs are important because they provide a number of emotional and financial benefits to their owners. Hot tubs offer relaxation, stress relief, and pain relief, as well as opportunities for socialization and recreation. Hot tubs also increase the value of your home, and can provide a healthy source of income if you rent them out.

What are the Different Types of Hot Tubs?

There are many different types of hot tubs available on the market, from inflatable hot tubs to portable hot tubs to in-ground hot tubs. The type of hot tub your client chooses will depend on their budget, needs, and the space they have available.

What Materials are Hot Tubs Made From?

Hot tubs can be made from a variety of materials, including wood, fiberglass, acrylic, and plastic. The material your client chooses will affect the price of the hot tub, as well as its durability and appearance.

What Sizes are Hot Tubs Available in?

Hot tubs come in a variety of sizes, from small two-person hot tubs to large eight-person hot tubs. The size of the hot tub will depend on the number of people who will be using it and the space available for installation.

What are the Various Costs Associated with Hot Tubs?

The cost of a hot tub will vary depending on the type, size, and material. In addition to the cost of the hot tub itself, there are also other costs associated with hot tub ownership, such as installation costs, maintenance costs, and operating costs. On average, hot tubs cost between $3000 and $16000 depending on the size and materials used.

What Other Home Improvement Projects Can be done Alongside Hot Tub Installation?

In addition to the hot tub itself, there are also other home improvement projects associated with hot tub installation, such as deck building, patio construction, and landscaping. These projects can add significant value to your client’s home and provide additional enjoyment for hot tub owners.

How Can Contractors Help Their Customers Choose the Best Hot Tub?

When helping their customers choose a hot tub, contractors can provide valuable information about the different types of hot tubs available, the materials they’re made from, the sizes available, and the various costs associated with hot tub ownership. Contractors can also help their customers calculate the type, size, and materials needed for the best hot tub for their needs.

What are the Different Types of Hot Tub Financing Available?

There are several financing options available for hot tubs, including:

Line of credit: A line of credit is a type of loan that allows your client to borrow money up to a certain limit. They can then use this money to finance their hot tub purchase.

Credit cards: Credit cards can be used to finance hot tub purchases, but they typically have high interest rates.

Personal loans: Personal loans are another option for financing hot tubs. These loans can be used for any purpose, and the interest rates are typically lower than credit cards.

Hot tub financing: There are also hot tub financing companies that specialize in hot tub loans. These companies typically have low interest rates and flexible repayment terms.

How Does Offering Financing Boost Your Contracting Business?

Offering financing options for hot tubs can help boost your contracting business in several ways.

First, it can help you close more sales, as some customers may not be able to afford the full price of a hot tub upfront.

Second, it can save you money by keeping more in your pocket rather than paying for hot tubs out of your own pocket.

Third, it enables you to negotiate less while upselling more. If a customer is interested in financing their hot tub purchase, they may be more likely to add on other home improvement projects, such as a deck or patio.

Finally, it can help build customer loyalty, as customers who finance their hot tub through you are more likely to come back to you for future hot tub purchases or other contracting services.

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What are the Benefits of PowerPay Financing?

PowerPay is the perfect solution for contractors looking to offer financing for hot tubs and spas. Financing with PowerPay has a number of benefits like:

No hidden contractor fees: PowerPay charges a flat, up-front fee for each hot tub financing transaction, so there are no hidden fees for contractors.

Payment right away: PowerPay pays contractors the full amount of the hot tub purchase price upfront, so there’s no need to wait for the customer to make their first payment.

No following-up or chasing clients around for payment: Once the hot tub is installed, PowerPay takes care of all the follow-up and collections for you.

Financial management help for coordinating loans with patients: PowerPay can help contractors coordinate hot tub financing with other home improvement projects, such as deck building or patio construction.

How Does PowerPay Work for Your Business?

PowerPay is easy to use and integrates seamlessly with your existing hot tub sales process to help grow your business.

To get started, simply enroll with PowerPay and wait for approval. This can take a few days. After you’re approved, you can begin offering loans with PowerPay training.

How Does PowerPay Work for Your Clients?

Your clients can apply for hot tub financing through PowerPay in person with your business or on our website. You may also email or text customers a link to a customized application. The customer will need to fill out basic information & await approval.

Once approved, they’ll sign the loan documents, and the money will be dispensed to you as the contractor. The customer will begin paying within one month of project completion.

PowerPay offers flexible repayment terms and low interest rates, so your clients can afford the hot tub of their dreams.

Hot Tub & Spa Financing For Businesses FAQ

Why should my business offer financing?

There are a few reasons why businesses should offer financing on hot tub or spa purchases.

1) Financing can help increase your sales. When people can purchase a hot tub or spa over time, it makes the purchase more affordable and they are more likely to buy.

2) It can help you build customer loyalty. By offering financing, you are demonstrating that you care about your customers and want to make it easy for them to buy from you. This will likely lead to repeat business and referrals.

3) It can improve your profits. When people finance their purchase, it means they’re paying for the hot tub or spa over time.

Can all customers finance a hot tub?

Not all customers can finance a hot tub. Your customers would need to have good credit in order to qualify for financing.

Can my business suffer if a customer does not pay?

No, you will not be penalized if your customer does not pay their loan. This is because the customer is responsible for repaying the loan, not the lender.

If a customer does not repay their loan, the lender may take legal action to recover the money that is owed. However, the lender cannot take any legal action against the borrower if they do not repay their loan. This is because it is up to the borrower to repay the loan, and not the lender.

PowerPay FAQ

For more information about PowerPay financing options for your business & your customers, read our PowerPay FAQ for businesses.

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