The Best Financing for Your Home Improvements

Keep your savings. Increase the value of your home.

Invest & Protect Your Family, Home, and Savings.

With any home improvement (generator, HVAC system, windows, doors, roofing and siding), you can protect what matters most – family, home and your savings.

We keep it simple. It’s not another credit card but a straightforward fixed term loan.  Plus it comes with other benefits of  ownership designed to keep your lights, power, and HVAC on when the power goes out. Ask your contractor about POWERpay financing options.

What is POWERpay?

It’s a new platform designed for homeowners and businesses looking to finance a home improvement project. We help you pay for your purchases over time with low monthly payments. Our terms are clear and straightforward. We have no hidden fees. There are NO prepayment penalties.

Why should I use POWERpay?

Our goal is to help you pay for your home improvement in a way that matches your budget. Simple application with instant approvals, lower rates than credit cards, and special offers through our dealer partners. Expect an easy process with clear and transparent terms.

How do I buy with POWERpay?

It’s easy. You can either work through your participating contractor or contact us directly. Follow our simple application process. If you qualify, you’ll be shown the monthly cost of the item and you can complete the process when you are ready to make your purchase.

Protect your Family! Protect Your Home!

Your home will probably be the largest investment you’ll make in your lifetime

Your home is an investment, and home improvement loans can offer the funding you need to strengthen that investment with renovations, updates and repairs. However, there are risks involved, and not all home improvement loans are the same.

With POWERpay we help make that purchase a reality with low monthly payment and no prepayment penalties. Our program makes home improvements easy and affordable. Let us help you get started today!

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