Consumer Financing for Home Improvement Contractors that use Casa

Contractor Highlights
* No Contractor Fees
* 12 month promos
* Lowest Payments
* Instant Approval
* $100K max loan
* 600+ FICO

Consumer Highlights
* from 4.99% APR
* $100K max loan
* No Credit Card
* No Prepayment fees
* E-docs
* Up to 15-year terms

Contractor Sign Up

Welcome to the PowerPay contractor enrollment portal. Casa has partnered with PowerPay to offer home improvement contractors that use casa superior consumer financing options.  PowerPay offers many options including:


  • 12-month promotional loans (No Payments)
  • 5/10/15 year term loans allows customers to pick best payment option with no dealer fees.
  • Enhanced features like staged funding and buydown options available 
  • Customer APR’s starting at 4.99%
  • Lending to homeowners with FICO scores of greater than 600
  • Loan up to $100,000 with no prepayment penalties.  

This unsecured installment loan program does not use any credit cards and the platform is all electronic and paperless.


What’s Next:

1. Once you complete the enrollment form you will receive a Dealer ID and login to

2. Upon login, we will provide instructions to help your set up your account and schedule training.

3. Your onboarding includes access to a representative, and apply now links to share with your customers.

4. We will give your unique PowerPay application URL to casa to enable on your casa business page.

Sign up now to start offering your customers the lowest payment options available!


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