Program Highlights
* NO Dealer Fees
* Starting 8.99% APR
* $100K max loan
* Up to 15 Year Term
* Approval FICO 600+

Dealer Sign Up

Welcome to the Dealer Enrollment portal for Bayer Interior Woods financing program from PowerPay.  We chose to offer PowerPay because they offer the best features for our dealer network.  First and most important, PowerPay is a NO Dealer fee program.  In addition, loan rates start at 8.99% with terms of 5, 10, & 15 years.  This translates in the lowest payments for your customers to buy the kitchen or bath they really want.  With no prepayment penalties, no credit card fees, instant approvals, electronic documents, and more – this program will help accelerate your sales.  Enroll today with PowerPay!