Program Highlights

* NO Dealer Fees
* Starting 8.99% APR
* $100K max loan
* Up to 15 Year Term
* Approval FICO 600+

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Finally, a Lender that understands Restoration Contractors.  PowerPay recognizes the unique and time-consuming challenges that restoration contractors face with business cash flow. Customized consumer finance options by PowerPay were designed to accelerate your business. Our mission is to help contractors remove the friction from the financing process.  This is why we may our platform free from dealer fees, subscriptions or hidden fees.  In fact, we focus on making it easy for our dealers offer the lowest payment for any home improvement.  We do this by offering rates starting at 8.99% APR, up to 15-year terms, no credit cards, instant approvals, no-prepayment penalties, and more.  Empower your business with PowerPay!

    • Solution for A/R.  With PowerPay you get paid upon completion of the project.
    • Deductible? No problem.  Use financing so there is no “out of pocket cost”.
    • Sell beyond the Insurance.  With financing you customers can afford upgrades beyond the insurance scope of work.
    • Remote selling. Homeowners can qualify by applying on your website with our custom widgets and banners.

Highlights for Dealers:  No Dealer Fees, No Credit Card swipe fees, Wide FICO range, Staged funding, Easy to Use, Low APR, Large Loan Maximum, Lowest Payment Options, instant approvals, E-docs.

Highlights for Consumers:  8.99% starting rates, No prepayment penalties, up to 15-year terms, No Credit Card, $100K loan maximum, affordable monthly payments, E-Docs…

What to Expect: Once you complete the enrollment form you will receive a Dealer ID and a login to getpowerpay.com.  Once you login we will instructions to help get your account set up. In addition, we will training, access to a representative, and web links that you can share with your customers to apply for financing.  Sign up now to start offering your customers the lowest payment options available!

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