Consumer Pool Financing Program

Program Highlights

* No Fees
* Easy to Use
* Lowest Payments
* Instant Approval
* $100K max loan
* 600+ FICO

Consumer Highlights

* from 8.99% APR
* $100K max loan
* No Credit Card
* No Prepayment fees
* E-docs
* Up to 15-year terms

Anthony & Sylvan Team Financing Page

Welcome to the dealer consumer finance page for the Anthony & Sylvan Sales Team.  We’ve partnered with PowerPay to offer a special program for all of our locations.  PowerPay offers us an easy solution to helping our customers with their financing needs.  To make it easy, PowerPay has set up a simple communication portal for all sales managers, schedulers and design consultants to complete the finance process.

How to Communicate with PowerPay: 

 Finance Phone Hotline: (800) 397- 4485
Email: [email protected]
Pool Contract Upload: click here
Submit a help ticket: click here


What’s Special about PowerPay program:  PowerPay offers a 15-year program with rates that start at 8.99%.  PowerPay pool loans are simple installment loans with no credit cards, swipe fees, or any prepayment fees.  In addition, Anthony Sylvan customers do not see their first invoice until after the pool is installed!  PowerPay finances pools to customers with FICO scores starting at 600 and can loan up to $100K.  Your customers will get instant approvals, low and affordable payments, completely electronic documents, and can complete the loan process in minutes.

What’s Next:  It’s really easy to help your new pool clients get financing.  Since over 50% of all pool buyers want help with financing – making the process easy is important.  If your clients are interested they can apply online and get instant approvals. Your pool clients can apply or using this link or you can share this page with your customers for new pools: or for pool renovations use this link:

Once they are approved we will contact the Anthony&Sylvan location to let you know they were approved.  We will also contact the Consumer to help them complete the loan process.

FYI: In case you need your PowerPay Dealer ID for reference:  Carolina (3516), Georgia – Atlanta (4415), MidAtlantic – VA, MD (3523), Nevada – Las Vegas (3518), NY/Metro (3519), Philadelphia Metro – PA, NJ, DE (3520), Tennessee – Nashville (4416). Texas – Austin (3521), Texas – Houston (3517), Texas – San Antonio (3522)

Apply Now!

Choose your location and complete the application for your instant approval!

MidAtlantic – VA, MD
Nevada – Las Vegas
New York Metro
Philly Metro – PA, NJ, DE
Texas – Austin Metro
Texas – Houston Metro
Texas – San Antonio Metro
Georgia – Atlanta
Tennessee – Nashville

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